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Best Water Shoes
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The 5 Best water shoes for hiking | Search & Rated by AI

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These water shoes provide excellent traction, protection, and durability for hiking in wet conditions. They are designed to handle uneven and technical terrain, offering a balance of sensitivity and support. Additionally, they are adaptable for thicker insulative layers, making them suitable for various outdoor conditions.

Top 5 Water Shoes for Hiking: For Men and for Women

  1. KEEN Drift Creek H2 – Best Overall – Durable, versatile, and comfortable, ideal for varied hiking terrains and water conditions.
  2. Teva Hurricane Drift Sandal – Best Value – Affordable, reliable, and lightweight, offering excellent performance at a great price.
  3. XeroShoes Aqua X Sport – Most Innovative – Lightweight and flexible, designed for those who prefer a barefoot-like hiking experience.
  4. Astral Brewess 2.0 – Best for Women – Stylish, supportive, and tailored for women, providing comfort and functionality.
  5. Columbia Drainmaker IV Water Shoe – Best for Quick-Drying – Fast-drying with superior breathability, perfect for wet and dry environments.

1. KEEN Drift Creek H2

The KEEN Drift Creek H2 is a standout choice for anyone engaging in water-based activities or hiking in environments where both water resistance and breathability are crucial. What sets these sandals apart is their unique balance of functionality and comfort, making them a top performer in the outdoor footwear category.

The Drift Creek H2’s upper, made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, not only showcases KEEN’s commitment to sustainability but also ensures a lightweight and water-resistant experience. This material choice also contributes to the sandals’ overall durability and robust construction. The design includes a mesh tongue that keeps out debris while allowing for effective drainage and breathability, an important feature for any water shoe.

Comfort is also a key feature, supported by a highly supportive midsole and an EVA insole with built-in arch support. These features are crucial for activities that require prolonged periods of standing or walking, like paddleboarding or hiking. The KEEN.FUSION rubber outsole offers excellent traction on wet and slippery surfaces, which is essential for safety and performance in various water sports and hiking trails.

However, these sandals are not without their limitations. The open-heel design might expose the back of the feet to rubbing, which can be uncomfortable in certain conditions, like when paddling. Also, while the mesh tongue prevents most debris from entering, some small particles like sand or pebbles might still get in. It’s important to note that these sandals are not designed for cold conditions; they’re specifically tailored for warmer months.

Overall, the KEEN Drift Creek H2 sandals are an excellent choice for those seeking a combination of breathability, protection, and style in their water shoes. They are especially suitable for summer activities like kayaking, rafting, canoeing, or stand-up paddleboarding.


  • Made with recycled plastic bottles, eco-friendly.
  • Lightweight, waterproof, and offers excellent drainage.
  • Good grip and robust toe and sole protection.
  • Comfortable with supportive midsole and arch support.
  • Infused with anti-odor treatment and washable.


  • Some debris may enter through the mesh tongue.
  • Not suitable for cold weather conditions.

2. Teva Hurricane Drift Sandal

The Teva Hurricane Drift Sandal is a versatile and practical choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking both comfort and durability in their footwear. Designed out of necessity by Mark Thatcher, a geophysicist, these sandals are tailored for varied terrains and water activities.

Key features include a cushioned heel tab, an EVA foam footbed, and a rubber outsole, contributing to the sandal’s overall comfort and durability. The rubber outsole, in particular, is designed to withstand harsh impacts and provide excellent traction on slippery surfaces, making it ideal for water-based activities. The sandal’s entire midsole is injection-molded with EVA, offering comprehensive support across the entire footbed, rather than just specific areas, which is essential for extensive outdoor activities.

The upper of the sandal is made of medium-thin synthetic straps, including a toe strap and an adjustable ankle strap, secured with Hook-and-loop closures. This design allows for a customizable fit, accommodating different foot sizes and shapes, and contributing to the overall stability of the sandal. The combination of a sturdy rubber outsole and synthetic straps in the upper enhances comfort and provides a solid foundation, crucial for tackling diverse outdoor environments.

Durability is a standout feature of the Hurricane Drift Sandal. Its water-ready design and easy drying properties ensure longevity, even in challenging conditions. The sandals are so lightweight that they float on water, making them easy to retrieve and quick to dry. This aspect, along with the use of light, water-resistant materials, also contributes to the sandal’s flexibility, an important attribute for navigating different terrains.

Airflow and moisture-wicking properties are additional benefits, ensuring that the feet remain dry and comfortable even in wet conditions. The Teva brand is known for offering affordable, quality shoes that are practical, comfortable, and offer both stability and flexibility, crucial for outdoor exploration.

The Hurricane Drift Sandal comes in six color options, catering to different style preferences. However, the limited color variety is noted as one of the few drawbacks of this model. Despite being designed as hiking water shoes, these sandals have transitioned into mainstream footwear, popular among fashion bloggers for their utilitarian style and comfort.

In conclusion, the Teva Hurricane Drift Sandal is a well-rounded choice for those who need a durable, flexible, and comfortable sandal for outdoor adventures and water activities. It is a testament to practical design and functional style, making it a solid choice for a variety of uses.


  • Cushioned heel tab and EVA foam footbed for comfort.
  • Durable, water-ready rubber outsole with excellent traction.
  • Full injection-molded EVA sandal for extensive arch support.
  • Adjustable straps with Hook-and-loop closures for a secure fit.
  • Quick drying and excellent airflow.


  • Limited color variety.
  • Ridges on the outsole could be more pronounced for better traction.

3. XeroShoes Aqua X Sport

The XeroShoes Aqua X Sport is an innovative water shoe that combines the benefits of a barefoot shoe with the functionality needed for water-based activities. Its design is focused on providing a natural and comfortable experience while ensuring durability and protection in various environments such as kayaking, beach activities, and river tubing.

These shoes feature a fabric mesh upper with a non-absorbent tongue, ensuring quick drying and breathability. The insole is made of fabric and foam, contributing to the overall comfort. The outsole consists of a 5.5mm FeelTrue® sole with 3.5mm dual chevron lugs, similar to those found in the Mesa Trail model, providing excellent traction and ground feel. The closure system uses elastic locking laces for a secure fit. Available in both men’s and women’s sizes, the Aqua X Sport offers a range of color options.

The appearance of the Aqua X Sport is functional and stylish, designed specifically for water environments and not necessarily for fashion purposes. Although the shoes are comfortable and flexible, they are not designed for high-volume feet, which might affect the fit for some users.

In terms of wearability, these shoes are surprisingly comfortable. The mesh is soft, and even the toe cap, which appears hard, is actually flexible. They offer a comfortable fit without the need for breaking in, which is a significant advantage.

The Aqua X Sport’s fit is medium in width. For those with wider feet, removing the insole can provide more space, though it does not technically widen the shoe. The shoes accommodate high-volume feet but are optimized for medium-width feet. People with narrower feet might prefer the women’s version for a better fit.

For maintenance, the Aqua X Sport should be treated gently. Although they are water shoes and built to withstand wet and dirty conditions, they should not be machine washed or dried. Simple cleaning with warm water and soap is sufficient, and the insole should be removed for air drying.

In summary, the XeroShoes Aqua X Sport is a comfortable, flexible, and breathable shoe, ideal for summer activities where water is involved. They provide adequate protection with a sneaker-like appeal, offering a balance between a traditional sandal and a more enclosed shoe.


  • Comfortable and flexible with no break-in period required.
  • Good traction and ground feel with FeelTrue® sole and dual chevron lugs.
  • Quick-drying and breathable fabric mesh upper.
  • Elastic locking laces for a secure fit.
  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes for both men and women.


  • Not ideal for high-volume feet.
  • Fit may feel narrow for those with wider feet.
  • Limited warmth, more suitable for summer and warm weather activities

4. Astral Brewess 2.0

The Astral Brewess 2.0 water shoes have proven to be an exceptional choice for both water-based activities and hiking. This review is based on firsthand experience and insights from various sources, including personal use and online reviews.

One of the most striking features of the Astral Brewess 2.0 is their unparalleled comfort. They are versatile enough to be worn with or without socks, although wearing socks is recommended to avoid odor issues. These shoes have been praised for their comfort, being described as the most comfortable shoes ever worn by some users.

The true potential of these shoes shines in aquatic environments. They dry quickly and offer excellent traction on wet surfaces, surpassing even specialized rubber sole wading boots in some cases. This makes them ideal for activities like wet wading or fishing. The sticky soles provide superior grip on slippery rocks, enhancing safety and performance.

The Astral Brewess 2.0 shoes are also travel-friendly. They are easy to slip on and off, which is convenient for airport security checks. However, their tendency to develop a strong odor might be a drawback in close quarters, such as on a plane.

While there have been instances of the sole coming unglued, the company’s responsive customer service and warranty policy are commendable. Users have reported receiving replacements quickly and efficiently, indicating a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality.

Overall, the Astral Brewess 2.0 water shoes are a top choice for anyone engaged in water activities or hiking. Their comfort, performance in wet conditions, and the company’s customer service make them a worthwhile investment, despite the minor drawbacks regarding odor and occasional durability issues.


  • Can be worn with or without socks, offering great comfort.
  • Excellent grip on wet surfaces, ideal for aquatic activities.
  • Dries rapidly, making them suitable for water use.
  • Easy to wear and remove, beneficial for travelers.
  • Responsive and efficient in handling product issues.


  • Tends to develop a strong smell if not worn with socks.
  • Some instances of the sole coming unglued.
  • Limited color choices compared to other shoes.

5. Columbia Drainmaker IV Water Shoe

The Columbia Drainmaker IV Water Shoe stands out as a versatile and durable choice for outdoor enthusiasts who frequently engage in water-based activities or require footwear that can handle wet conditions.

The Drainmaker IV features an open mesh and synthetic upper, which ensures quick drying and excellent ventilation. This design choice makes the shoe ideal for activities where your feet are likely to get wet. The shoe is also equipped with a TPU toe cap for added durability, and a contoured heel cup enhances comfort during prolonged use.

Columbia’s signature Techlite footbed and frame are incorporated into the Drainmaker IV, offering superior cushioning and impact absorption. This technology is particularly beneficial for those who spend long hours on their feet, providing comfort and reducing fatigue.

The Omni-Grip rubber outsole with razor siping is a standout feature, offering increased traction on both wet and dry surfaces. This makes the shoe suitable for a variety of terrains, from boat decks to rocky trails. The high-traction grip helps prevent slipping, which is crucial in outdoor environments.

The Drainmaker IV is not just a water shoe; it’s versatile enough for various outdoor activities. Whether you’re hiking near streams, fishing, or engaging in water sports, these shoes provide the necessary support and comfort.

Overall, the Columbia Drainmaker IV Water Shoe is a solid choice for those who need a reliable, comfortable, and versatile shoe for their outdoor adventures. Its quick-drying capabilities, combined with superior traction and cushioning, make it a practical option for a range of activities. While there are some minor drawbacks, such as the need for a break-in period, the benefits far outweigh these issues.


  • Ideal for water activities.
  • Enhanced comfort for prolonged use.
  • Safe and reliable on various surfaces.
  • Withstands rough use in outdoor environments.
  • Suitable for hiking, fishing, and other activities.

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    The Best Water Shoes for Hiking: Conquer Any Terrain, Wet or Dry

    Hiking in areas with water crossings or slippery rocks requires specialized footwear. Water shoes designed for hiking offer the best of both worlds – protection, traction, and comfort for a variety of terrains.

    Here are some of the top contenders for your next hiking adventure:

    For All-Around Performance:

    • Merrell Hydro Moc: A versatile choice, these shoes are comfortable, lightweight, and offer excellent drainage. They’re perfect for hikes with water crossings, rocky trails, and even casual wear.
    • Keen Newport H2: These sandals are known for their quick-drying material and adjustable straps for a secure fit. They provide good traction on wet surfaces and are comfortable for long hikes.
    • Salomon Speedcross 5 Water Shoe: Designed for rugged terrain, these shoes offer excellent traction on wet and dry surfaces. They are breathable, quick-drying, and provide good support for challenging hikes.

    For Rugged Terrain:

    • Oboz Sawtooth Low: These shoes are built for durability and comfort, offering excellent support and traction on uneven terrain. They are also waterproof, making them ideal for hikes with water crossings.
    • Vasque Breeze LT Low: These lightweight shoes are designed for agility and comfort on rugged trails. They offer good traction, breathability, and a comfortable fit for long hikes.
    • Columbia Drainmaker III: These shoes are known for their excellent drainage and comfortable fit. They offer good traction on wet surfaces and are a good choice for hikes with water crossings.

    For Comfort and Support:

    • Chaco Z1 Classic: These sandals offer exceptional support and comfort, thanks to their adjustable straps and footbed. They are also durable and provide good traction on wet surfaces.
    • Teva Hurricane XLT2: These sandals are a classic choice for hiking, offering comfort, durability, and excellent traction on wet surfaces. They are also quick-drying and easy to clean.
    • Vionic Tide Sandal: These sandals are designed for comfort and support, offering excellent arch support for those who need it. They are also waterproof and quick-drying.

    Choosing the Right Water Hiking Shoe:

    Consider these factors when selecting your water hiking shoes:

    • Terrain: What kind of terrain will you be hiking on? Rugged trails require more robust shoes.
    • Water Exposure: How much water exposure will you encounter? Look for shoes with good drainage and waterproof features.
    • Fit: Make sure the shoes fit comfortably and securely, especially when wet.
    • Features: Consider features like traction, breathability, and support.
    • Budget: Water hiking shoes come in a wide range of prices.

    With the right water hiking shoes, you can conquer any trail, wet or dry, and enjoy the beauty of nature without worrying about your feet.

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