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The Best Swim Goggles for Adults and Kids 2024

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Whether you’re an avid swimmer, a casual lap-swimmer, or getting your kids ready for summer swim lessons, having a reliable and comfortable pair of swim goggles is essential. Swim goggles protect your eyes from the sting of chlorine and allow you to see clearly underwater, making your time in the pool more enjoyable and productive.

With so many options on the market, choosing the right swim goggles can be a daunting task. In this guide, we’ll review some of the best swim goggles for adults and kids in 2024, highlighting key features to consider like fit, lens quality, anti-fog capabilities, and more. By the end, you’ll be equipped to find the perfect pair of goggles to meet your swimming needs. Whether you’re looking to shave seconds off your lap times or simply want your kids to have a positive experience in the water, the right swim goggles can make all the difference.

Let’s dive right in. The Best Swimming Goggles of 2024:

Next, we will look at each swim goggle individually, highlighting the pros and cons of each, how they perform in the water, and where to buy.

1.Best overall swim goggles :TheMagic5 Swim Goggles

Best overall swim goggles

TheMagic5 Swim Goggles

TheMagic5 Swim Goggles offer a unique and personalized fit, ensuring comfort and minimizing leaks. They provide excellent visibility and a hydrodynamic profile. While they may be more expensive than standard goggles, they can be a worthwhile investment for swimmers who struggle with fit issues and prioritize comfort and performance in the water


  • Custom Fit: TheMagic5 goggles are made-to-measure, using an app that scans your face and provides your dimensions to the company. This ensures a personalized and comfortable fit
  • Comfortable: Users have reported that TheMagic5 goggles are extremely comfortable to wear, with no need for excessive suction to keep them in place
  • Good Peripheral Vision: Despite their smaller size, TheMagic5 goggles offer excellent peripheral vision due to the different planes within the lenses
  • Clear Vision: Many users have praised the clarity of vision provided by TheMagic5 goggles, allowing them to see details in the water with ease
  • Trusted by Professionals: TheMagic5 Swim Goggles are trusted by professional athletes globally. Their quality and performance have made them a popular choice among swimmers and triathletes at all levels of competition


  • Fogging: Some users have reported that TheMagic5 goggles fog up easily, similar to other goggles on the market. The anti-fog treatment used by the company is not different from other brands
  • A bit pricey for casual swimmers

2.Best swim goggles for kids : Speedo Skoogles

Best swim goggles for kids

Speedo Unisex-Child Swim Goggles Skoogle Ages 3-8

The Speedo Skoogles are the perfect swim goggles for kids aged 3-6 years.
The Speedo Skoogles are sized for the small faces of children, with a narrower nose piece and smaller gasket that ensure a waterproof seal and no leaks when splashing around. The nose piece is adjustable and made of silicone, which is soft against the skin and won’t scratch your kiddo.


  • Made for small faces
  • Lots of bright color options
  • Silicone nose pieces that won’t scratch
  • Easy-to-adjust goggle straps


  • Kids tend to play and tug at the excess goggle strap at the side of the gasket.

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