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Best Heavy-Duty Spin Mop

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Best Heavy-Duty Spin Mop : Bissell Commercial CycloMop

When it comes to keeping our homes clean, having the right tools can make all the difference. And when it comes to mopping, a spin mop with wheels can be a game-changer. Not only does it make the task easier and more efficient, but it also saves us from back-breaking work. If you’re in the market for the best spin mop with wheels, look no further than the Cyclomop® Commercial Spinning Spin Mop with Dolly Wheels.

Mopping heavily soiled floors requires plenty of elbow grease, so we love that the Bissell CycloMop alleviates some of that effort. This mop is our pick for Best Heavy-Duty Spin Mop for its absorbency, ability to remove tough stains, and overall cleaning performance. Despite its intimidating appearance, we appreciated the light handle and bucket that sits on a detachable base with wheels, making it easy to move around as you mop. The centrifuge wringing system is easily operated by a foot pedal, and the mop head has a 360-degree swivel head. While it’s the most expensive product on our list, it can’t be beaten for tackling big messes and big spaces. Plus, the extendable pole makes it easy to reach areas near and far.

Our Ratings

Setup 5/5. Effectiveness 4.8/5 Portability 4.8/5 Ease of Cleaning 5/5 Maneuverability 4.8/5

What Stands Out

This commercial mop is a true workhorse, and is best for very large spaces.

What Could Be Improved

It’s very large, and can only be stored in large closets.

If wheels are non-negotiable for you when purchasing a spin mop, consider this commercial-grade mop from Bissell. It was easy to maneuver this mop on the floor and around a dining table, despite its neck being on the stiffer side. We had to give it a couple of pushes with our feet to unlock it at times, but other than that, it was seamless. 

This mop instantly soaked up water and didn’t require any wringing. When we felt the head after absorbing the water, it didn’t feel wet to the touch, which was impressive. When it came to absorbing the stains on the hardwood floor, it was able to do so in under 10 passes for each. We were pleasantly surprised by how quickly the mop was able to clean the butter, which proved difficult for most other mops we tested (although a little residue remained). Excluding picking up the chunks of marinara sauce and mud (as expected), this mop did a thorough job of cleaning up the remaining parts of the stains. We experienced something similar when cleaning the stains off of the grout tile. A decent size of marinara sauce and mud remained in the grout lines even after mopping. Aside from that, the mop was effective when it came to cleaning. 

For a manual spin mop, it is heavier than some of our other picks (but didn’t feel that way when in hand). However, it is important to note that this mop has wheels that add to its weight but make it much easier when it comes to moving the unit. We found the detachable wheeled base easy to move and steer and the bucket’s handle easy to maneuver. We were able to easily operate the unit’s centrifuge via a foot pedal and were able to control the amount of water we wanted to be removed while cleaning. 

Head Material: Microfiber | Handle Length: 39.1-55.8 inches | Weight: 16 pounds | Machine-Washable Head: Yes | Includes: Bucket, stainless steel dolly, stainless steel mop handle, 1 microfiber hand mitten, 2 microfiber mop heads, 1 nylon scrubber

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    Choosing the best heavy-duty spin mop depends on what you’re looking for in terms of durability, cleaning power, and features. Here are some top contenders:

    1. O-Cedar ProMist Microfiber Spin Mop (Best Overall)

    • Pros: Durable and sturdy construction, powerful spin-drying mechanism, large microfiber pad for effective cleaning, easy to assemble and use.
    • Cons: Can be slightly heavier than other models, not as compact for storage.

    2. Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop (Best for Large Areas)

    • Pros: Large cleaning surface, easy-to-use spray bottle for customized cleaning solutions, durable construction, affordable price.
    • Cons: Not as powerful as some other spin mops, not as compact for storage.

    3. Libman Microfiber Spin Mop with Spray Bottle (Best for Budget)

    • Pros: Affordable price, durable construction, easy to use, includes a spray bottle for customized cleaning solutions.
    • Cons: Not as powerful as some other spin mops, not as compact for storage.

    4. Vileda Turbo Microfiber Spin Mop (Best for Ease of Use)

    • Pros: Easy-to-use spin-drying mechanism, lightweight and maneuverable, durable construction, affordable price.
    • Cons: Not as powerful as some other spin mops, not as compact for storage.

    5. Swiffer WetJet Mop (Best for Quick Cleaning)

    • Pros: Easy to use, disposable cleaning pads, convenient for quick cleaning tasks.
    • Cons: Not as durable as other spin mops, cleaning pads can be expensive.

    Key Factors to Consider:

    • Durability: Look for a mop with sturdy construction and a reliable spin-drying mechanism.
    • Cleaning Power: Consider the size and material of the microfiber pad, as well as the spin-drying mechanism’s power.
    • Features: Some mops offer additional features like spray bottles, adjustable handles, and multiple cleaning pad options.
    • Ease of Use: Choose a mop that is easy to assemble, use, and store.
    • Price: Consider your budget and the features offered.


    • For overall durability and cleaning power: O-Cedar ProMist Microfiber Spin Mop
    • For large areas: Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop
    • For budget-friendly option: Libman Microfiber Spin Mop with Spray Bottle
    • For ease of use: Vileda Turbo Microfiber Spin Mop
    • For quick cleaning: Swiffer WetJet Mop

    Remember to read reviews and compare features before making your final decision.