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Easiest-to-Clean Spin Mop

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Easiest-to-Clean Spin Mop Hurricane Spin Mop

Not only do we deem the Hurricane Spin Mop easy to clean, but it is also very easy to set up and use. It was able to completely absorb the ¼ cup of water in just two passes without any streaks or scratches occurring. When it came to the other liquid stains, this mop was able to clean them in less than five passes. However, we did run into some difficulty when it came to the solid stains. Although a similar thing occurred on the grout tile floor, the mop appeared to be less effective on that surface compared to the hardwood. 

Our Ratings

Ease of Cleaning

What Could Be Better

It could do a better job of wiping up solid pieces.

What’s Great About It

The foot-activated spin takes most of the water and solid material out of the mop head.

When it’s time to clean your spin mop bucket and its wringing system to get rid of any dirt, hair, and other debris, disassembling may sound stressful. The wringing bucket usually includes smaller pieces, while the larger one may have grooves and drain plugs requiring more meticulous cleaning. The Bulbhead Hurricane Spin Mop, however, is a winner because not only is it easy to clean, but it’s also easy to use. We loved how easily the mop head popped off and snapped back on the handle. Plus, the 360-degree mop head swivels as you go, while the mop head itself is made of a fluffy and absorbent microfiber. 

We found that it performed excellently on hardwood floors, but it needed some extra pressure to get in between the grout of tile flooring. While the bucket is quite large, it may be useful for those looking to use more water than usual. This mop struggled to navigate tight crevices, though, so we think it’s best suited for handling larger spaces. Like other spin mops, the main bucket has a foot pedal to wring out and dry the mop. The handle is lightweight, as well as flat enough and long enough to reach under and around furniture and appliances.

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