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How do I know my swim goggle size?

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How do I know my swim goggle size?

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  1. To determine your swim goggle size, you’ll need to measure your face and eye socket accurately. Here’s how you can do it:

    1. Measure Your Face Width: Use a flexible measuring tape or a ruler to measure the width of your face from temple to temple. This measurement will give you an idea of the size of goggles that will fit comfortably on your face.
    2. Measure Your Eye Socket: Using a ruler or measuring tape, measure the distance between your eyes. This measurement will help you determine the width of the goggles’ lenses that will fit comfortably over your eyes.
    3. Try on Goggles: If possible, try on different pairs of goggles to see which size fits best. Make sure the goggles create a snug seal around your eye sockets without feeling too tight or too loose.
    4. Adjustable Straps: Look for goggles with adjustable straps that can be tightened or loosened to achieve a comfortable fit. This will allow you to customize the fit according to your preferences.
    5. Check Manufacturer’s Sizing Chart: Many swim goggle manufacturers provide sizing charts that correlate face and eye measurements with recommended goggle sizes. Refer to these charts to find the appropriate size for your measurements.
    6. Consider Face Shape: Keep in mind that the shape of your face can also influence the fit of goggles. Some goggles are designed specifically for certain face shapes, so consider this factor when choosing a size.
    7. Trial and Error: If you’re unsure about the size, it may require some trial and error to find the perfect fit. Don’t hesitate to try different sizes and styles until you find the goggles that feel comfortable and secure on your face.

    By following these steps and considering your face and eye measurements, you can determine the right size of swim goggles for your

  2. Determining your swim goggle size can be tricky, as there’s no standard sizing system. However, here’s a breakdown of how to find the right fit:

    1. Measure your face:

    • Bridge of your nose: Use a ruler to measure the distance between the inner corners of your eyes, where your nose bridge sits.
    • Eye socket width: Measure the width of your eye sockets, from the outer corner of one eye to the outer corner of the other.

    2. Consider your face shape:

    • Round face: Look for goggles with a wider lens and a curved frame.
    • Oval face: Most goggle shapes will fit well.
    • Square face: Opt for goggles with a wider lens and a rectangular frame.

    3. Try on different sizes:

    • Goggle fit: The best way to find the right size is to try on different pairs. The goggles should fit snugly but comfortably around your eyes. The strap should be adjustable to ensure a secure fit.
    • Leakage: When you press your goggles against your face, they should create a seal without any gaps. If you experience leakage, try a different size or shape.

    4. Look for specific features:

    • Adjustable nose bridge: This feature allows you to customize the fit of the goggles to your nose bridge.
    • Soft silicone seals: These seals provide a comfortable and secure fit.
    • Anti-fog coating: This coating helps to prevent fogging, which can impair your vision.

    5. Consider your swimming style:

    • Competitive swimming: Look for goggles with a low profile and a wide field of vision.
    • Recreational swimming: You can choose from a wider variety of styles and features.


    • It’s important to find goggles that fit comfortably and securely.
    • If you’re unsure about the size, ask a salesperson for help.
    • Don’t hesitate to try on multiple pairs until you find the perfect fit.

    By following these tips, you can find the right swim goggle size for your needs.